Nanofabrication Facility at Penn

nanofabThe Wolf Nanofabrication Facility (WNF, is a 3,500 ft2 clean room for the fabrication and characterization of micro- and nano-scale structures and devices. The facility houses a suite of tools that allow to users to perform a broad range of fabrication steps, including: (1) photoresist and polymer film coating (HMDS vapor primer, spinners, hot plates, ovens, ink-jet printer); (2) lithography and patterning (e-beam writer, thermal and UV nanoimprint, mask aligners); (3) vapor deposition (thermal and e-beam evaporator, RF and DC sputterer, PECVD, ALD, parylene coater); (4) dry etching (an ICP etcher, two RIE etchers, a XeF2 isotropic silicon etch); (5) thin film measurement (profilometer, ellipsometer, refractometer); (6) device integration and packaging (wafer bonder, wire bonder); (7) electrical test (probe station, four-point probe station).

The Wolf Nanofabrication Facility emphasizes high-resolution patterning and fabrication techniques, flexibility to process exotic materials, and the ability to handle a range of substrates and sample sizes. The facility is a shared user facility and is located in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania.  The facility has a full-time staff that is responsible for managing the facility, performing maintenance on equipment, and training users.  The majority of users in the facility are graduate students and postdocs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Arts and Science.  Facility use is charged based on hourly rates for facility access and specific equipment, as explained at Kevin Turner serves as the faculty director of the nanofabrication facility.

Specific equipment within the nanofabrication facility includes:

  1. Dimatix inkjet printer for biomolecules
  2. Elionix ELS-7500EX e-beam patterning system
  3. Nanonex NX-2600 nanoimprint and mask alignment system
  4. Cambridge Nanotech Savannah 200 atomic layer deposition system
  5. Specialty Coating Systems parylene coater
  6. Oxford Instruments PlasmaLab 100 PECVD tool
  7. Lesker PVD 75 e-beam and thermal evaporator
  8. Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 80+ RIE
  9. Trion Phantom III ICP etcher
  10. Xactix XeF2 etcher
  11. Full metrology suite (profilometers, film measurement, etc)

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