IME and Diamond Laboratory

The Diamond Lab occupies 2000 sq. ft.within the Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME) within the Vagelos Research Building/Chemistry Complex on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.  The Institute for Medicine and Engineering (IME) at the University of Pennsylvania is a 10,000 sq. ft. laboratory facility that occupies the Roy and Diana Vagelos Research Building.  The IME houses 2 tissue culture rooms, an AFM and light microscopy core, a microarray core, and a high throughput screening core (The Penn Center for Molecular Discovery).

deskwork 4x6Diamond Laboratory operates a 7TB server (Oracle) with tape backup.  This consists of a linux-based IBM intellistation with 2 internal processors, and a 2-way tower server (x3500 7977 system) connected to the intellistation, complete with the CENTOS operating system. The server has 2 Dual-Core Xeon 5160 processors (3 GHz), 4 GB RAM, and a 2 x Gigabit Ethernet.  Supported software includes: ActivityBase,  SarGen, MOE, ADMET predictor.  The Lab also houses numerous PCs.   Also, available are computational facilities for 3 Beowulf clusters: (1) One 24-processor cluster comprised of 12 dual-processor standalone workstations connected by gigabit Ethernet with compute node configurations ranging from 1.5-2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 3 processors each with 512-1024 MB of memory; (2) Rack configuration Beowulf cluster populated with 8 dual-processor nodes, each with two 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium Xeon cores and 1024 MB of RAM for a total of 16 computing cores; and (3) Rack configuration Beowulf cluster populated with 6 dual-processor nodes, each with four 2.66 GHz Intel Pentium Xeon cores nodes for a total of 48 computing cores.  Each core is assigned 512 MB of RAM. All three clusters are wired with gigabit Ethernet switches to allow efficient parallel execution of molecular simulation and other lattice-based codes.  The rack housing clusters 2 and 3 has open space for 16 additional nodes for future expansion.  The clusters are located in a dedicated room with installed cooling that is capable of handling additional nodes.  Supporting equipment includes high-end desktop PCs and software for data visualization (e.g. Tecplot from Amtec Engineering).

Diamond Laboratory The IME Laboratory Space includes: 2 tissue culture rooms/6 hoods/8 incubators, a microscopy core, a microarraying core, cold rooms, radioisotope facilities, environmental rooms, autoclave and automated glassware washing.  A conference room is located on the same floor and a 100 seat seminar room is located on the second floor of the Vagelos Building.


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