Track-etched magnetic micropore (TEMPO) filter for the rapid isolation of rare cells (D. Issadore)

Purpose: Rapid and accurate isolation of rare cells in fluid samples is a major challenge in medical diagnostics. There is a crucial need to isolate small numbers of cells from large populations, thus requiring high throughput techniques. The Issadore group at Penn has recently developed a new separation system to … Learn more

Microfabricated polymeric array detectors (mPADs) for measuring cell forces (D.A. Hammer, C. Chen)

Purpose: A variety of techniques are available to measure the forces that cells exert as they are adhering or crawling. These techniques are known as traction force microscopies, and they include bead based traction microscopy (where beads are embedded in hydrogels) and microfabricated polymeric array detectors (or mPADs). The Chen … Learn more

Flexible, Multi-Scale Electrodes for Sensing and Stimulation of Tissue (C. Kagan and B. Litt)

Purpose: There is an urgent need for new implantable devices to help understand and treat “brain network disorders.”  For maximum research and clinical benefit, these implantable devices should allow signals to be recorded from clinically relevant volumes of brain, 100 cm2, at resolutions of 100 microns or less. Many of … Learn more