Track-etched magnetic micropore (TEMPO) filter for the rapid isolation of rare cells (D. Issadore)

Purpose: Rapid and accurate isolation of rare cells in fluid samples is a major challenge in medical diagnostics. There is a crucial need to isolate small numbers of cells from large populations, thus requiring high throughput techniques. The Issadore group at Penn has recently developed a new separation system to … Learn more

Dielectrophoretic (DEP) Positioning and Sorting of Macromolecules and Nanoparticles (H. Bau)

Purpose: Sorting and positioning of objects in microfluidic channels such as cells, macromolecules, and micro/nano-particles is useful in a broad range of studies.  For example, positioning and holding a specific cell sitting in suspension via a dielectrophoretic trap can facilitate detailed inspection via microscopy or other interrogation techniques.  Furthermore, dielectrophoretic … Learn more

Three-dimensional flow focusing and cytometry (Issadore)

Purpose: The sensitive measurement of individual cells requires that each cell pass one-by-one through a small detection volume.This module employs fluidic structures to hydrodynamically focus cells laterally into the middle of a micro-channel, and chevron patterns to push cells vertically toward the bottom of the channel.(Howell, 2008).

Method of Fabrication/Use:Learn more