Microfluidic-gradient generator for studying amoeboid cell chemotaxis (Hammer, DA)

Microfluidic gradient chamber (Ricart BG, John B, Lee D, Hunter CA, Hammer DA. Dendritic Cells Distinguish Individual Chemokine Signals through CCR7 and CXCR4. Journal of Immunology Jan 2011; 186 (1): 53-61). A. Design of the chamber, verified by COMSOL modeling. The chamber was used to make counter gradients of two chemokines. B and C show measurements of green and red fluorescent dyes in the channel, and D. illustrates the comparison between modeled and measured profiles.

Purpose: Microfabricated chambers have been used for the study of cell motility, particularly the motility of ameoboid cells of the immune system.(Irimia, 2006, Jeon, 2002) These cells display directional motion, known as chemotaxis, in defined gradients of chemokines, which results from the differential occupancy of receptors. The purpose of the … Learn more